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I eased my foot onto the fuel; the engine revved for a moment, and the van lurched. The summer I was eighteen, I visited a parking zone forty-five minutes north of town and received behind the wheel for what I hoped can be the first actual rite of my maturity. Less than a week earlier, following a short stretch of take a look at-taking at the Department of Motor Vehicles in San Francisco, I had received my learner’s allow.

“The Great Gatsby” reaches its climax in a car crash, and plenty of actual-world stories ended that means, too. The journey part, he thinks, explains why electrics in the end fell away. Because electric engines were costly to provide, a coalition known as the Electric Vehicle Company formed to lease them to operators, as taxis, or maybe hire them, à la Zipcar. The enterprise was worthwhile, however, within the style of Uber, the corporate determined that it was vulnerable to competition until it might take over the whole nation without delay. That expansion attempt set off alarms about monopoly, and, after reporters found one of many company’s loans to be fraudulent, the enterprise of shared-use electrical automobiles collapsed.

Behind the wheel, I made a show of adjusting the mirrors, as if getting ready for a ten-mile journey in reverse. I surveyed the clean pavement ahead of me and slowly slid the gear-shift from park into drive.

My instructor was my father, a flawless but not wholly valiant driver, who habitually refused to drive on sure bridges in certain instructions, for worry of being, as he would put it, “hypnotized” by trusses passing alongside the highway. For reasons lost to time, my little sister was on board, too, within the back.

I tried again for forward motion, this time travelling what felt to me like a great distance at great pace. For the primary time, I felt the seething energy of the thing—not as a conveyance, which is how I had known automobiles up to now, but as an enormous appetitive machine that interacted with the world by way of its own power and expressed urges I did not. It felt like being observed during a primary attempt at gradual dancing; my impulse almost without delay was to use the brake. Now, all these years later, the car parking zone was nearly empty of cars, and I felt a flush of reassurance. I was learning in my parents’ extremely defatigable experience, a minivan with an all-plastic inside and the turning radius of a dump truck.

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